Diseño Interior – December 2011 Article

Design and site management of the implementation of all housing facilities.

This house has two main features. The first one is a very linear and exuberant architecture, both exterior and interior, which is derived from large measures of the construction – approximately 1.400m² on 3 floors. All building elements were designed to the last detail. The second one is a lighting system adapted to the architecture and finishes.

We almost had complete freedom when designing the lighting project of the house. However, the cubic architecture and its forms forced us to adapt each point of light at its location. The entire house is painted white and black, with a strong predominance of the second color, what resulted in a much more difficult lighting design.

The main objective was to reproduce inside and in the possible extent, the shadows created with the light of day by vegetation and the various elements of facade. The effect was achieved using the type of interior lighting, position of equipment and using the reflections of light. In addition, the considerable size of the exterior walls needed shadow games to get minimalistic effects, which contrasted with the volume set.

To achieve all the desired effects, it was necessary to use approximately 40 different models of appliances throughout the house and we have a total of 500 lighting fixtures. In addition, each room of the house is unique in terms of lighting. It was necessary to take into account the position of furniture, of every picture on the walls and even of the most important wine bottles in the cellar, among other things required by the costumer.

Regarding the technical side, it was necessary to consider each facilities installation because for example, only for the lights we needed 17km of cabling. It was also necessary to combine all the facilities to ensure a perfect performance, but also an optimal comfort for both sanitary water and heating system. The design of all facilities had to follow the same aesthetic criteria used in lighting, guaranteeing that the finish was perfect and only showing the necessary elements.

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