Casa Viva nº 175 article

Design and integration of the home automation system for a house at the south of the Country. During execution of the site we also did the management for the rest of trades. We always emphasized on energy saving and the possibility of controlling the whole house. Thus, the home automation system manages all lighting fixtures (that in some cases are dimmed), walkways using presence detectors and we also have fixed an automatic turn-off of the lights to avoid that they stay switched on for a long time. Heating system, blinds and curtains are also controlled by the automation system, and thanks to a weather station we have real outdoor temperatures and luminous flux.

During the early stages of the construction we also carried out calculations based on the final expected outdoor enclosure to maximize the effect of thermal insulation. It was then possible to calculate the necessary and constructively functional thickness, obtaining external enclosures with reduced energy loss, which were combined with high thermal performance windows. The heating production system is executed with a low temperature aerothermy unit. Also, thanks to the perfect location of the building, it was possible to do the installation of solar thermal panels, which are used for both the heating and the hot water production, allowing the use of the free energy provided by the sun.

The final result is a house of a considerable size with very low energy consumption. Apart from the solar thermal panels, this house only consumes electric energy and the contracted power is almost the same than a conventional apartment, even including a lift. This shows that important savings can be obtained with a proper combination of systems and energy sources.