Home & Industrial Automation

Connection Scheme

The development of installations in recent years has promoted an increasingly presence of technology in trades. This indirectly implies an increase in energy consumption as much of the materials used have control microchips or electrical parts. Thus, items that years ago did not have any electricity consumption currently require a power supply. It is therefore necessary to control automatically and rationally, according to the desired use, all components of an installation to ensure optimum comfort while minimizing its consumption.

The automation of houses, whether it is for comfort or for savings reasons is called home automation or domotics. In the case of tertiary buildings or industries, even if they have the same features but with a higher magnitude, it is called inmotics. There are many systems on the market, but actually there is only that is regulated by worldwide norms. It is named KNX.

Since 2008, R3e has a certified KNX Partner as well as a KNX Advanced Training, including training specific to various materials. This system allows the control and the integration into a single media of practically all equipment in an installation. This includes, among others, the following applications:

  • Control any type of light,
  • Constant light control depending on the solar contribution,
  • Automatic control of blinds, curtains and Velux allowing savings in heating in winter and cooling in summer,
  • Integration and monitoring of complex systems such as boilers and air conditioning systems,
  • Access control and automation based on the authorized user,
  • Monitoring and automatic notification of failures to maintenance service,
  • Technical and intruder alarms supervision,
  • Smart Metering: Monitor and manage your energy consumption at any time,
  • Failure, consumption and access logs,
  • Etc.


The possibilities of the system are almost exclusively bound by the imagination of the user. In addition, you will be able to monitor everything with your phone or with a computer from anywhere in the world.

To ensure that the system meets your expectations, we offer you the possibility to design the home automation system according to your needs and proposing complementary alternatives. We define with you all functionality in detail, we advise technically your installer on each step of the work and we integrate the entire system so it suits to you. Also, if in a future you need to expand or modify the system, its flexibility allows us to find, together with you, the most appropriate options.