R3e Office

The engineering R3e was founded on January 2007 with the wish of developing projects for trades primarily intended for the construction sector at Andorra. We had the opportunity to make both small-scale such as bigger projects with considerable amounts. Thus, over the years with every project and every customer we were able to offer technical and customized services in a sector that is evolving faster than ever with new materials and innovative systems that must be known.

Over the years, with the constant evolution of trades and their typologies we have also been specializing in home automation systems and its integration to provide complete control of the building, whether for individuals and the tertiary sector.

To enter the new era of technology, energy efficiency and savings your projects must be supported by the necessary technical assistance offered by R3e. You will be able then to develop your project according to your needs, having always the best technical support and personalized service.

We make each project ours, using our experience and surpassing ourselves to each new challenge with all our dedication and all the resources we have. And you, do you want to share with us the illusion you have in your projects?